18 comments on “Poetry: Missing the real you

  1. I feel your pain…your loss…sometimes I just do not “get it”…I am blind–I find myself totally there for the other, and don’t realize that they are somewhere else, until the day they are just GONE…then, I am blindsided…and suffer much…I hope you do not take their absence into yourself because it is NOT you…Your words tell me what a good person you are. You are open and honest–and that is a strength but it brings with it much suffering…Best to you!

  2. How sad! And I can think of a number of people in my life for which this is true. I hope the absence in your life is of short duration.

  3. This makes me think about my ex-fiance.

    How could we have been so happy at one time, in the beginning and when I proposed, and then go on to lose each other. A year down the line I would have said those words to her and she, no doubt, would have said the same back.

    We were different people to each other and I know that we both desperately missed the people we were when we first met. Those people were gone.

    It’s sad.

    • Yes. People change all the time, but when they change in different directions, the trouble starts. I have still hope this person changes back. Not willing to give up yet!

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