33 comments on “Dark Poetry: Shattered Trust

  1. Hello,

    I have a Youtube channel that does 3D time-lapse and poetry is read. Your poem Shattered Trust would be perfect for our next video that has Among Us 3D printed crewmate and ghost.

    We would like to use your poem as the time lapse is going. We would give you full credit in the video and description. Would you permit that?

    Prints Rhino

    • Hello,
      That’s something new, I have never heard of this! This sounds interesting.
      You have my permission to use the poem, as long as you give me credit and send me the link when it’s published on the internet.
      Lots of love,

  2. Ik wou “donker” zeggen maar om de een of andere reden klinkt het niet zo “diep” als het Engelse woord “dark.” If you know what I mean. This is good, I could feel the torrent of emotions from this poem. 🙂

    • Dankjewel Daniel! En je hebt gelijk, Dark of Darkness lijkt op de één of andere manier een betere beschrijving dan Donker. I know what you mean!
      Lots of love to you

  3. Patty – this IS gripping. I guess I was just overcome in the moment because I had to leave two friends behind recently – one of them my oldest sister, lost to envy. 🙂 Emma

    • I understand Emma. This is about my best friend I had for 17 years. The one person I thought would never leave my side. But he did when I needed him the most. It’s devastating, especially when it comes to family. Hugz to you♥

  4. This was hard for me to read. I’m in the process of going through this very thing with a man I thought was going to be my forever. Trust is so very fragile. I am sorry that you are feeling pain over a betrayal like this! I like how you write it to get it out of your heart!

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