31 comments on “Dark Poetry: Shattered Trust

  1. Ik wou “donker” zeggen maar om de een of andere reden klinkt het niet zo “diep” als het Engelse woord “dark.” If you know what I mean. This is good, I could feel the torrent of emotions from this poem. 🙂

    • Dankjewel Daniel! En je hebt gelijk, Dark of Darkness lijkt op de één of andere manier een betere beschrijving dan Donker. I know what you mean!
      Lots of love to you

  2. Patty – this IS gripping. I guess I was just overcome in the moment because I had to leave two friends behind recently – one of them my oldest sister, lost to envy. 🙂 Emma

    • I understand Emma. This is about my best friend I had for 17 years. The one person I thought would never leave my side. But he did when I needed him the most. It’s devastating, especially when it comes to family. Hugz to you♥

  3. This was hard for me to read. I’m in the process of going through this very thing with a man I thought was going to be my forever. Trust is so very fragile. I am sorry that you are feeling pain over a betrayal like this! I like how you write it to get it out of your heart!

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