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  1. great post , as you know i am a huge fan of body art and the work here is great to see. Tattoos ahve so much meaning for each person and i love the meaning behind yours. i have a few myself that i may have to share now . thanks for pointing me to your post I appreciate it. jefferson

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  5. I so love tattoos. I have three a big one on my back a small one on my lower back and a brand new big one I just got a month ago on my forearm. All have meaning and I can’t wait to get more!

      • That’s the beauty of a tattoo! You can’t lose it, you have it with you at all times and (like memories, life lessons and experiences) it’s a part of you. Now I am getting curious! 🙂 Are your tattoos colored or black and white?

      • Mine are both black and white. Do you see the little bulldog and the dragon at the bottom of the shoot? Those are mine. 🙂
        I want to get a wolf in black and white next, but I still have to figure out where I want it. 🙂

      • I do! Those are awesome! I can send you pics of two of mine if you’d like. The one on my forearm being by the most talented artist I’ve had to date. The one on my back I would like to have some more work done on but I still love it as it has deep meaning.
        Can I ask what yours mean to you? You don’t have to answer if that’s personal.

      • I would love to see them! I don’t mind at all.
        The bulldog I got after my brother died, he loved bulldogs. A friend draw it for me. My dragon I got for myself. For me, a dragon stands for courage, wisdom and strength. Basically: never give up. The wolf I want stands for loyalty towards friends and family. 🙂 What about yours?

      • I’m so sorry you lost your brother, what a wonderful tribute to him! I didn’t know that’s what dragons stand for and, your dragon tattoo, really looks full of all of them, as I’m sure you are! If you have an email, I will send you the pics and the stories behind them 🙂

      • Thanks! 🙂
        And you are welcome.
        Beth is an amazing person!
        I am checking out your blog right now. Always like to meet a fellow writer! 🙂

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  7. I’ve always wanted a tatoo but the reality is for one i doubt i could sit through the pain and secondly I change my mind too often so I wouldnt know what to get. Ive thought about my name in a foreign script… though im always dubious about them saying something else and id have it permanently like ‘kick me’ tattooed somewhere without realising lol. I thought about things that wouldnt change, my name and my date of birth, my starsign… i considered having a barcode with my date of birth for the numbers and saying ‘made in england’ lol but over time i saw the tackiness in that ha ha. The other thing would be WHERE? I would want to see it, but i wouldnt want everyone else to see it all the time. One that i wanted for a long while was the word promise tattooed on my pinky finger… one thing that i dont mess with…ever! pinky promises. But that idea was sh*t on when a few people reminded me (by breaking them) that pinky promises didnt mean much to most other people. xB

    • I love the pinky promise idea! I am also very loyal and will never break a promise. But there are a LOT of people who don’t care at all. 😦
      Still, it is your promise you will never break, so I still love the idea! 🙂

  8. I have an angel wing tattoo on my left wrist and I’m a school counselor 😉 I love it and know that I’ll get more! Great post!

  9. Hola Patty, really Tattoo fascinates me…I don’t use but I try to understand their symbolism and essence in the XXI century! Is , for me, as if us as human were coming back to codes so encrusted in the skin, in the new body, after centuries of reason was installed in our minds!

  10. Think before you judge…Honestly, I also have tattoos.I never show them.It has become commonplace to have tattoos, piercings, etc.I started removing my tattoos, one by one.

  11. I’m fickle, so I’d never get a tattoo because I’d get bored with it. That being said, I think tattooing is an amazing art that takes more skill and focus than people give it credit for. Love that first tattoo because it has a frilled lizard on the tpo left.

  12. Being honest…I’m not a fan of tattoos. But, it has become pretty commonplace in America (and not just among the younger generation). I do not judge. But it isn’t something I would do. My daughter has six and I think she is lovely. It is just a form of self expression. I should not judge what another person likes. It is personal. All that being said, as an employer in a professional office, it is something I have to be aware of when I hire if it isn’t in a location that can be hidden.

    • I love honesty! And I understand that if you are working in a place that provides a public service, you can’t have visible tattoos. Mine are easy to cover up and they have to be because I work with children and don’t want to influence them on this. But I am thankful you have the courage to don’t be judgmental! ♥

  13. I LOVE the tiger down the side of the guys torso. I find that black and white tattoo’s can lack the complexity of colour but it’s the simplicity of the tiger that is stunning. A great example of how something can be understated yet still have massive impact.

    I am with you patty, I love them. I have four myself (won’t go into details) and I wouldn’t feel the same person without them. I suppose only someone with tattoo’s can truly understand that feeling.

    Great post


    • Thank you Steven!
      That tiger tattoo is stunning, I agree!
      I actually love the black and white’s because they will fade slower than the colored ones!
      And I would definitely feel different without my tattoos, they are a part of me.
      Hugz and love to you!

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