37 comments on “Something new…something special…something like a award…

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  3. So beautiful sis! Thank you for doing this! I miss you and I love you so much, hold on a little while longer and I will get better soon. -hugz you so hard- can’t wait to see you and danny and Sheryl on Christmas eve!

    • It’s so good to see you back here my dearest brother! 🙂
      I have actually tears in my eyes! Of course I hold on to you, I promised I would, didn’t?
      I love you very much too and I wish Christmas wouls hurry up already! 😉
      Love ya! ❤ *hugs you real tight*

  4. thank you so much dear friend
    I ma flabbergasted and have no words to thank you dear
    I simply love you my friend, I am honored by your special gesture

  5. May I copy the image you created for me and post it on my blog with my acceptance of your award? It is so beautiful! It brings tears to my eyes! I have felt so lost for the last two years…and your writing and your friendship have made me feel LIFE once more! i just wanted to give up…and then all of a sudden LIFE is beautiful…and I think it is because of YOU and the WordPress family!

  6. Oh, Patty, dit is zo mooi! Je gevangen mijn boodschap perfect! Ik ben sprakeloos en diep dankbaar voor uw mooie award! Alle efffort en dacht dat je in ieder … zo enorm! dank u, Patty, je hebt een hart van puur goud! Ik denk dat je gaat naar de meest soort auteur van een draak trilogie die ooit bestond zijn … Ik weet dat je zal altijd waarderen uw lezers … Ik kan niet wachten om te lezen wat je hebt geschreven! Je bent zeker een lichtwezen — een womyn die voorbij Moeder Aarde en in het heelal schijnt met uw warme en trouwe geest! Uw aanwezigheid raakt mijn ziel! Dank u zo zeer!

    Oh, Patty, this is so beautiful! You captured my message perfectly! I am speechless and profoundly appreciative of your lovely award! All the efffort and thought that you put into each one…so tremendous! thank you, Patty, you have a heart of pure gold! I think you are going to be the most kind author of a dragon trilogy that ever existed…I know you will always appreciate your readers…I can’t wait to read what you have written! You are certainly a LIGHT BEING—a womyn who shines beyond Mother Earth and into the universe with your warm and loyal spirit! Your presence touches my very soul! Thank you so very much!

  7. Congratulations!! And thank you for the nomination! And OH MY GOSH I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture…did I mention that I love the picture. Can I post on my blog later giving you complete credit of course?!

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