38 comments on “All those awards…how can that be?

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  4. Congratulations, Patty! YOU deserve ALL of these AWARDS! Your photography and writing is super…fantastic…and true! Thank you for nominating me…you are more than kind!

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  8. Well done Patty – your awards are so truly well-deserved for all your creativity. Thank you for your very generous nomination of mydogablog.com. I hope you will understand that due to family, volunteering and other commitments, I need to let the awards go for the moment. but I really truly appreciate your very kind gesture. : )))xxx Anne & Monty

    • Thank you! ♥ And you are welcome Anne! I just wanted to say Thanks for being so sweet. Of course I understand if you can’t take the award. Hugz to you and Monty and lots of love to your family as well!

  9. Go light, go light!!! Congratulations and every single one is week deserved! Thank you for the nomination 🙂 xoxo

  10. Congratulations and Thank you Patty, what a lovely award!
    And it comes at an especially good time since I’m laying here in bed feeling pretty sorry for myself after ACL surgery and a bad fall when i came home from the hospital yesterday. Darn those crutches!
    I’m so happy you’re out of your black phase and into some happier times. Love to you…Vickie

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