24 comments on “A little ‘How to…’ with a new poem!

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  2. Firstly your poem is beautiful…it shows how incredible and loyal of a friend you can be – in terms of simple friendships and dating relationships both. You are an incredible person, and I hope you realize that because it would be a shame if you changed. 🙂
    Also, your technical skills with photoshop (or whatever you call it) are quite amazing. I was always wondering if you just found pictures and pasted your words to them, but it’s even more breathtaking to know you do it all yourself!

    • *blushes and smiles* Thank you so much for that sweet comment, Will! ❤
      That really made my day!
      And I don't think I can change that, even if I wanted to! 🙂
      Some pics I do find on the internet, but I always edit them to make them fit the poem. But I love to use the photos I take myself the most! That way it will be totally mine! 🙂
      And sometimes I combine them, like I did with the poem 'my knight'. The knight I found, the sunset I took myself on the beach. And then I used them together because it was such a perfect fit! 🙂
      Lots of love,

  3. Reblogged this on Bastet and Sekhmet and commented:
    If you want to know how to create an angel and publish a poem…the step by step walk through of how to modify your photos! If you found it interesting thank Patty for this great post!

  4. Perfection! The poem and picture are wonderful together. I like that you gave us a step by step…you ROCK 🙂

    • Yes! Try it! 🙂 I would love to see what you make! And everybody can ryme, it ain’t that hard! 🙂
      Good luck, and let me know if you created something!

  5. Lovely post there! I used to wonder how exactly you did this! And by the way, I think you might need your wisp…here…take it. *Yeah…you are right, there’s a new chapter waiting in the cave* 😀

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