18 comments on “Yeah…I am kinda searching for words right now…

  1. It’s so hard to share that type of stuff with anyone, but to post it to your blog just shows that you are actually starting to heal on the inside, even if it’s just a little bit!

    Proud of you for pushing the fear and anxiety and mistrust to the side and composing such a beautiful post allowing people to get a look at you and your life.

    (I hope to one day be brave enough and strong enough to o the same)

    Everyday you teach me how to be a better person and how to let things go, I am truly thankful for your honesty and your strength! =]

    • Thank you my sweet hero! 🙂
      But I don’t teach that at all, you already are a amazing person with a very good heart! ❤
      (try to remember that for once) 😉
      And it was your courage that shows clearly in your 'about' page that gave me the strenght to post this!
      Love ya! ❤

  2. Your last post was a wonderful post and it just showed how amazing a person you are! Thank YOU for giving us an insight into your life! 😀

      • 😀 Too bad, my fingers don’t listen to other people’s comments. They listen to only my brain and heart 😀

      • Hahaha Lol!
        You are so lucky you are no student of mine! I would have made your fingers write: ‘I will not make Patty blush anymore with my sweet comments’ for a 100 times! 😉

      • Hahaha! Reminds me of a joke:
        A student was making lots of mistakes in his essay. One day, he wrote: “Today, I gone to school” in one of his essays, so the teacher stopped him after school and made him write “Today I went to school” a hundred times on the board. The little kid wrote the sentence a hundred times, then, he took out a paper and wrote: “Teacher, I finished my punishment. I gone home” 😀

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