15 comments on “Something Dark…

      • Just reminds me of being in the house alone five years ago. After things settled, everyone went home, and I was there alone….just me and my thoughts.

      • I am so sorry Vickie. I know how devastating some memories and thoughts can be. It helps to write them down sometimes, though. Even the darkest ones.
        Lots of love,

      • Patti, your concern is so sweet. And what you said is too true. In fact you have inspired me to write a poem about that time. It will be posted later this evening. As you say, sometimes it’s just better to just look it in the eye and get it out. If you weren’t such a good wordsmith your poems wouldn’t have the same effect.
        Thanks. Vickie

      • Thank you Vickie! I am so glad I could inspire you. I consider it a great honor if someone is inspired by me. Like my latest post shows, I had my feelings in lockdown for a very long time. Just trying to survive the madness of life, I guess. But I decided to make a change this year, because if you can let the dark feelings out, the light ones will be even more beautiful, I think!

  1. dear Patty,
    your picture of the DARK…exactly how I feel at times…it is getting better for me…i am 63 young…LOL…you are so honest and free in your writing–I love the freedom you posses in expressing yourself! remember you are loved! you have suffered much…pain is deep…and that means you love much…you love deep! May you find that core of love within you that speaks to you stronger than the darkness…we have to be lost to be found…it can happen…Our intentions become our reality. Darling, you are loved!

    • Aww, thank you so much for your really sweet comment again, Jane! ❤
      Yes, we are lost sometimes, but I believe that we always will be found by someone. But otherwise we just have to find our own way back! 🙂
      And you are so right! I really believe that someone who knows how it is to lose something, appreciates the things that are left even more! That's why I really appreciate friendship and love. I believe that are the only two things that will keep us going when times are rough.
      Take care, sweet Jane, you are also loved!

  2. oh my! >.< Beautiful!

    My favorite so far without a doubt!!!!

    This is magnificent Patty, bravo!

    So many people will be able to relate to this, You explained and described something I never could, Thank you!

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